Events: application_status_change

This webhook is triggered at various stages of the application lifecycle to provide updates on the status of an application.

Payload Structure:

  "id": "6e17e99c-d2fc-48d6-b60a-d543c5c8aa52",
  "api_version": "1.0",
  "event": "application_status_change",
  "created_date": "2023-02-06T13:40:00Z",
  "data": {
    "status": "created",
    "references": {
      "application": "5001a000002axxeef",
      "merchant": "6f07701-96d0-4d1a-b82c-ad6c069014fe",
      "external_merchant": "M_12432_4345"

Application Status Transitions:

Please note that once a status has been reported, the application status will not transition backwards.

  • For approvals: created -> processing -> approved -> funded
    • In addition to receiving the funded status, you can expect a deal_started event, read more here.
  • For declines: created -> processing -> declined
  • Applications can be cancelled or marked as lost from any stage: created -> any stage -> cancelled/lost

Field Descriptions:

idguidThe unique identifier for the webhook event.
api_versionstringVersion of the API being used.
eventstringThe type of the event being communicated. In this case, it's application_status_change.
created_datestringISO date string indicating when the event was triggered.
statusstringCurrent status of the application. It can be one of created, processing, approved, funded, declined, cancelled, or lost.
referencesobjectA collection of ids related to the event.
applicationstringThe ID of the Application in Liberis’ system.
merchantguidThe ID of the Merchant in Liberis’ system (also known as the LiberisId).
external_merchantstringThe ID of the Merchant in the Partner's system (as supplied to Liberis by the Partner).