Webhooks are a powerful tool that allows your system to receive real-time updates from our API, enabling a more dynamic and responsive integration. With webhooks, you can be instantly notified of events like new transactions, status updates, or other important occurrences related to your account.

To initiate the setup of webhooks with the Liberis Create API, a simple communication with your partner manager is required. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Providing a Callback URL:

  • Contact your partner manager and provide them with a callback URL. This URL will serve as the endpoint to which Liberis will send webhook notifications. Ensure that this URL is secure and capable of handling HTTP POST requests, as all webhook notifications are sent using this method.

2. Choosing an Authentication Type:

  • Liberis supports various authentication methods to secure the data being transmitted. Discuss with your partner manager to choose the authentication type that aligns with your system's requirements. The currently supported authentication types are:
    • Bearer: A token-based authentication method.
    • PhantomBearer: A variant of the Bearer authentication.
    • X-API-Key: An option for API key-based authentication.
    • None: If your system doesn't require authentication for webhook reception.