This page is a guide for partners detailing the Split Setup process using file exchange and the Liberis Create API, along with necessary checks and failure reasons during the funding procedure.

Split Setup & Confirmation Guide

Liberis uses the Split setup procedure during a merchant's Prefunding checks. As a partner, you'll receive a request to set up a split using one of several mechanisms:

  • File Exchange via SFTP
  • Liberis Create API Merchant Endpoint

Once you receive this request, your task is to process it and convey the outcome of the split setup attempt. Liberis will then evaluate the results, culminating in either a funded or declined application.

File Exchange: Split Setup Request & Response

A single file manages the interaction between Liberis and the Partner for split setup requests and responses:

  • Columns in Purple: Populated by Liberis to request a split setup.
  • Columns in Green: Must be completed by the Partner to indicate the outcome.

Any issues faced during the process are explained in the ‘Failure Reasons’ section.

Access: File transfers occur through the Liberis SFTP, provided during integration.

Template: Daily Settlement Request Template


Liberis Create API Merchant Endpoint

The Liberis Create API's Merchant Endpoint enables clients to access Application and Deal details for active or prospective merchants. As applications transition through Liberis KYC/KYB checks, the application.status will reflect the changes. We suggest daily polling of this endpoint, allowing you to stay updated on the status. This ensures timely communication to the merchant or to facilitate a split setup.

When the application status reaches Funded, you should initiate a split using the application.pricing.split_percent.


Barriers to Funding

Liberis mandates several checks when establishing a split. If a barrier arises during split setup, you should include this in the returned file to enable Liberis intervention.

Failure Reason (Readable)Enum ResponseExplanation
Multi SettlementMultiSettlementChallenges related to MID hierarchy.
MID MismatchMIDNotFoundDiscrepancy between Liberis and Partner MID.
Existing SplitExistingSplitA current split on MID blocks Liberis' Split.
Legal Entity MismatchLegalEntityNotFoundDisparity between Liberis' and Partner's legal entity records.
Faster Funding ActiveFasterFundingA faster funding facility is active, hindering Liberis' Split.
Net SettlementNetSettlementProcessor deducts fees prior to merchant payout.
Enforcement Measures ActiveEnforcementMerchant's account is under enforcement authority scrutiny.
Inconsistent Bank DetailsBankDetailsNotFoundMismatch between Liberis' and Partner's bank records.
Signatory DiscrepancySignatoryNotFoundThe primary applicant in Liberis doesn't match the primary record in the Partner's system.
CDD (Customer Due Diligence) ChecksCDDChecksPartner conducts additional customer due diligence checks.
Debt Diverts or Net SettlementDebtDivertsPartner fees deducted from the merchant before they see their transaction, preventing split application.
WAF (Withhold All Funds)WAFAccount is on a full hold.
Insufficient TransactionsNotTransactingMerchant fails transaction checks.

By maintaining adherence to this guide, partners ensure a smoother and more efficient split setup process.