Dashboard adverts are an automated, cost-effective marketing channel that allows Liberis and partners to target both prospects and customers directly on partner platforms with either personalised messages/offers or default marketing content, depending on data availability.

Dashboard adverts are shown by using our Adverts API by merging data from a the output of our eligibility process and a predetermined advert copy, advised by our marketing team and agreed by the partner. Liberis ultimately controls the advertisement copy and data surfaced through the API, while partners choose how and where those adverts are displayed and the appropriate styling.

Advert types

Tailored Adverts

Tailored adverts are customised adverts for merchants that have been passed through our eligibility process and we have generated an offer for them. We then take the pseudonymised data and offer to create a personalised advert copy based on their eligibility, offer amount, industry and other data points.

An example advert for a merchant in this state might look like:


Tailored adverts are only available if a partner provides upfront business and transaction snapshot files as outlined here

Default Adverts

Default adverts are optional for a partner integration, and allow a partner to advertise to merchants when either they do not have revenue data on file, or the merchant hasn't been with the partner long enough to meet our eligibility requirements, for example switchers or front book merchants.

These adverts aren't personalised and instead provide basic copy with a maximum advance limit for the partner and jurisdiction due to the lack of data and offer.

An example advert for a merchant in this state might look like:


Default adverts are optional. If you want to control if a merchant sees an advert or not, the adverts API will instead return a 404 to your server.

Adverts copy process Flow


GET Advert

Getting an advert is very simple, just pass the GET /advert endpoint a merchant Id as the reference and we'll return advert copy to be displayed.


Once a merchant clicks on the CTA on an advert, please hit our GET /advert/{reference}/accept endpoint, which will advise Liberis on the success of the conversion, and also be used as a data point to dynamically change copy based on customer clicks and any downstream behavioural data points the customer shares with us (e.g. open applications). This also provides a tailored redirect link in the case of a partners onboarding journey being hosted by Liberis, ie Liberis Core.