It is important that partners use proper terminology. Liberis's legal team will need to sign off before launch, so using proper terminology ensures you can launch faster.

The key thing to remember is that revenue based finance is not a loan, so don't use any terminology that would suggest this is a loan.

Don't UseUse Instead
Loan, lendingFund, funding
APR, interest rateFee, fixed fee
Repayment, repay, pay backPayments, pay
Repay as you earnPay as you get paid
Loan, credit agreementRevenue based finance agreement, purchase agreement
Loan, amount borrowedAdvance, advance amount
LenderFunding provider, finance provider
BorrowerCustomer, business, merchant
More creditRenewal, further advance
TermEstimated payback period

Note that the business cash advance is considered a loan in Germany, so the terminology you'll use in Germany will differ.