Here is the expected top-level schema for webhook notifications from the Liberis API; the data object contains event data, detailed in subsequent pages.

  "id": "6e17e99c-d2fc-48d6-b60a-d543c5c8aa52",
  "api_version": "1.0",
  "event": "liberis_event",
  "created_date": "2023-02-06T13:40:00Z",
  "data": {
idguidThe identifier of this specific webhook.
api_versionstringThe schema version used by this webhook. Note: this will be 1.0 until further notice.
eventstringThe name of the event.
created_datestringAn ISO date string indicating when the webhook was created.
dataobjectEvent-specific data. See the definitions of each event under Events section.


We have plans to introduce more webhooks in the future. It's advisable that any webhooks arriving at your endpoint, which are not processed by your system, should be disregarded.