When using the Settlement Account Payment method, Liberis will create a settlement account in the name of the merchant and apply the split to any transactions that are paid into that account. Partners must, therefore, update their records to settle into the correct settlement account instead of direct to the merchant.


CategoryDescriptionWebhookAction RequiredNotification?
Payment SetupA deal requires payment setup as part of our pre-funding checks.settlement_account_readyUpdate the settlement details for the merchant to match the bank account provided in the webhook.Required. Use the notify action.

Note: you must return a successful response even if the merchant's account is already configured with the specified account details.
DealA deal has been approved and funds disbursed to the merchant.deal_startedNone.No.
DealA deal has ended due to the start of a new deal for that merchant.deal_renewedNone.No.
DealA deal has ended due to being fully paid off.deal_completeUpdate the settlement details for the merchant so that you no longer pay into the settlement account.Recommended. Use the notify action