This page outlines the webhook which relays information regarding payments received by Liberis and those transacted through a settlement account, detailing the data structure, fields, and examples of payment events.

Events: payment_received

This webhook provides information about payments that are received by Liberis, as well as payments that flow through a settlement account.

  "id": "6e17e99c-d2fc-48d6-b60a-d543c5c8aa52",
  "api_version": "1.0",
  "event": "payment_received",
  "created_date": "2023-02-06T13:40:00Z",
  "data": {
    "payment_id": "ff31d9a9-be6a-42bc-b6f1-744dbddc9ab0",
    "amount": 150.0,
    "currency": "GBP",
    "description": "Payment to Liberis Ltd.",
    "transaction_date": "2023-02-06T14:45:00Z",
    "from": "settlement_account",
    "to": "liberis",
    "method": "settlement_account",
    "remaining_balance": 15050,
    "references": {
      "application": "5001a000002axxeef",
      "merchant": "6f07701-96d0-4d1a-b82c-ad6c069014fe",
      "deal": "5001a000002bsyxcch",
      "external_merchant": "M_12432_4345"
payment_idguidThe ID of the Payment in Liberis’ system.
amountnumberThe value of the payment
currencystringThe three-letter ISO currency code of the payment.
transaction_datestringAn ISO date string indicating when the payment was confirmed.
fromstringThe source of the payment.  Will be one of "revenue", "liberis", "settlement_account", "merchant".
tostringThe destination of the payment.  Will be one of "revenue", "liberis", "settlement_account", "merchant".
methodstringThe type of payment.  Could be one of "settlement_account", "direct_debit", "e-split", "other".  Implementers should expect this list to grow in the future.
remaining_balancenumberThe remaining balance on the Deal
referencesobjectA list of ids for related objects
dealstringThe ID of the Deal in Liberis’ system.
applicationstringThe ID of the Application in Liberis’ system.
merchantguidThe ID of the Merchant in Liberis’ system (also known as the LiberisId).
external_merchantstringThe ID of the Merchant in the Partner's system (as supplied to Liberis by the Partner).

Example – Multiple payment events generated by a single payment into a merchant’s settlement account

Payment from Partner into the settlement accountrevenuesettlement_account1000.0015000.002023-02-02 14:15:00
Liberis’ Splitsettlement_accountliberis150.0014850.002023-02-02 14:15:30
Remainder to Merchantsettlement_accountmerchant850.0014850.002023-02-02 14:15:40